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The original Loch Lomond distillery was established by in 1814, in Arrochar near Loch Lomond.

However, its’ distilling days were short-lived, as it closed in 1817.

We have requested, but not received, more information as to exactly what Verdine did to earn over 0,000 in extra pay.

The City of Dallas public information office has been slow to answer questions.

This overtime increased Sierra's annual pay from ,557 to 7,410.

The largest pay increase in 2015 was received by Dallas Police Officer Brian K.

Last year, 8,214 Dallas city employees billed 1,408,685 hours of cumulative overtime according to official city records received through the Texas Public Information Act.

The records also show that taxpayers paid these employees a little over million dollars extra pay in 2015--about million of which was overtime pay according to the city's Public Information Officer.

In 1993, a Coffey still was installed in the distillery, which allows Loch Lomond to not only produce Single Malt, but also Grain whisky.Verdine, believed to be a traffic enforcement officer.Verdine logged 1,809 overtime hours in 2015, and increased his pay from a base salary of ,717 to 4,094.The current Loch Lomond distillery was established by Littlemill Distillery Co. in 1965, in Alexandria on the Southern side of the Loch from which the distillery takes its name.The owners of the company were Duncan Thomas and Barton Brands.

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