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It was in this same Galilean dialect that the Aramaic of the Palestinian Talmud and the older Midrashim was written" (article "Aramaic", Vol. There is as well a growing conviction that Hebrew was also the language in which the original "Life of Jesus" was first conveyed. On February 4 of that year, Lindsey boarded an Italian ocean liner headed for the port of Haifa, in what was then called Palestine.

Christian scholars working in cooperation with Jewish scholars in Jerusalem have been among the first to develop the evidences for this relatively new theory. Along with 50 others, Lindsey soon found himself on an Arab-driven bus bound for Jerusalem.

Lindsey found lodging with a Jewish family named Weinstock. Weinstock made a meager living teaching foreigners Hebrew, and working as a maintenance man in one of the churches in West Jerusalem.

The Weinstocks became like a second set of parents to the 21-year old Lindsey.

The aprons include options with clever sayings like "There's no cooking like Imma's cooking" in English and Hebrew.

There is also a line of aprons from Jerusalem-based Yair Emanuel.

Lindsey picked the shortest Gospel, Mark, to commence his project.

Mark was commonly believed to be one of the sources for Matthew and Luke. Lindsey moved deeper into his translation, comparing the text of Mark with those of Matthew and Luke, he began to realize that something "spooky" was going on.

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My wife and I attended a Sabbath service there in 1985). For the church, he began translating English hymns into Hebrew.

As the years passed, Lindsey found himself editing Hebrew editions of various English books, including C. At some point, he began his most ambitious translation project to date the New Testament.

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That year the Lindseys took up residence in Baptist House on Narkis Street in the Old City. Eventually, the Lindseys had six children, all of whom grew up speaking Hebrew.

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