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Held in Seneca Falls, New York, it spanned two days over July 19–20, 1848.Attracting widespread attention, it was soon followed by other women's rights conventions, including the Rochester Women's Rights Convention in Rochester, New York, two weeks later.A heated debate sprang up regarding women's right to vote, with many – including Mott – urging the removal of this concept, but Frederick Douglass, who was the convention's sole African American attendee, argued eloquently for its inclusion, and the suffrage resolution was retained.Exactly 100 of approximately 300 attendees signed the document, mostly women.In 1850 the first in a series of annual National Women's Rights Conventions met in Worcester, Massachusetts.Female Quakers local to the area organized the meeting along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who was not a Quaker.

Garrison's ideas were not welcomed by a majority of other abolitionists, and those unwilling to include women split from him to form other abolitionist societies.State statutes and common law prohibited women from inheriting property, signing contracts, serving on juries and voting in elections.Women's prospects in employment were dim: they could expect only to gain a very few service-related jobs and were paid about half of what men were paid for the same work.In the 1840s, women in America were reaching out for greater control of their lives.Husbands and fathers directed the lives of women, and many doors were closed to female participation.

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In London, the proposal was rebuffed after a full day of debate; the women were allowed to listen from the gallery but not allowed to speak or vote.

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