Book reviews kissed dating goodbye

He was a jerk toward both Hermione and Lavender (using her) in HBP.

He was an even bigger jerk in DH when he abandoned his friends. His only useful functions have been playing the huge chess game in first year and introducing Harry to his family.

A German version of 'Learning to Dance' has been posted here by Pretty_Lily_Potter.

A Brazilian Portuguese version of 'A Sirius Matter' has been posted here by Luiz4200.

My favorite H/Hr stories on this site are listed in my C2. As far as Ron goes, I don't care what happens to him.

He was a jerk in PS when he insulted Hermione and had to be practically dragged by Harry to help her against a troll.

A German version of 'Harry Mc Gonagall' is being posted by Seska Lestrange at Just because he had a few seconds as a human being in HBP and DH does not mean Ginny would fall in love with him!I believe that Draco deserved to go to prison at the end of DH for at least a few years.I've been a Harry Potter fan since late 2004, and started writing fan fiction at the beginning of 2006.Many of my stories were started (and many completed) before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, so they don't account for all the information from that novel, so please don't try to inform my of those type of errors as I prefer to leave my stories as is (No offence intended).

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Another German version of 'Harry Mc Gonagall' is being posted at Rikee A Spanish version of 'Harry Mc Gonagall' is being posted here by Lord Zanator.

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