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She’s lucky I didn’t meet him first,' Brandi said of Lohan's fiance, 22-year-old Russian millionaire businessman Egor Tarabasov."It was so worth it': The sexy star conceded to an indulgence in French cuisine with her French beau, saying, 'I like to be 120 (lbs), but after eating last night’s French food with the French dude I’m 123lbs'Brandi said: 'I’m 5ft 10in, I’m 123 lbs.But what I do have a really big problem with is I decide who I share that information with, not her.'It was not the only run in with animals, with the girls falling in love with some squirrels as they visited a mountaintop resort, especially Carlton and Kim - while some of the others feared getting rabies. Later, she justified her reaction by insisting: 'I have such a passion for animals and creatures - but I've never seen anything this bloody big!

But my palette’s definitely changed so it was really good.'When asked how she feels about Erika Jayne, dubbed 'the new Brandi,' the real Brandi replied: 'We’re really nothing alike, but I like her "no bullsh*t" attitude. I go to my grocery store almost every day and get their deviled eggs. I have no problem with having it because I plan on having it ALL done one day, but you have to be able to afford it and have downtime, which I don’t have right now.'Brandi described her diet tip at the moment, telling Daily 'I’m eating pretty normally now, but just less of it. I make egg salad, I’m having eggs three times a day.That’s not going anywhere.''I’ve always done Pilates, but I’ve started using ankle weights.You know, Pilates is great for stretching out, keeping you long and lean and working on my core, but I want to build some muscles so I wear these 2.5 lb weights pretty much all day every day.''That’s one I wouldn’t want to have, but I’ll take that ring she has on her finger though, I tell you that.

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