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This shows how important it is to know the influence that a change in a tax rate has in people's lives, even when its impact is not clear to everybody.

The following table provides the change in Selic rates from April, 2012 to May, 2013.

In the first day, there are discussed all the aspects that can effectively influence the economic environment, such as exchanges, inflation, the international economy and others.

In the second day, the members of the committee discuss the possible scenario and try to reach an agreement concerning the interest rate.

When the meeting is over, there are published the decision made by the committee and the viés, which is the tendency for the next days: if the rate will remain the same, increase or decrease.

In the cases when the decision is not unanimous, the voting results are published as well.

Dont be surprised if you are in a restaurant or nightclub and a woman sends you a note asking for your phone number even if you are with your wife or girlfriend.

The first Selic target was established in March 15, 1999.

Copom was created in 1996, and in these three years between its creation and Selic's creation, what used to be fixed for the monetary policies was the basic tax of the Central Bank, known as Taxa Básica do Banco Central or TBC.

Foreign men traveling to Brazil should be very cautious when dealing with Brazilian women.

If you dont want the attention, be cordial but keep your distance. Adapted from material compiled by Window on the World, a cross-cultural training and consulting firm.

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