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Hit Fix: As we’ve said, you keep playing these characters who are newly introduced and thus somewhat unsteady in these chaotic worlds. But in his original incarnation, Cameron was much geekier and much less of an equal to Oz and [FOX Entertainment President] Kevin Reilly, who has been helping our show, that was his biggest note: “No, make Cameron cool.Do you think the characters would lose some of their comedic punch if they ever got too confident on the job? Not every joke needs to come from this place of weakness.” And when they’ve gone and tested the show, that’s what really worked, was the chemistry between Christian and myself.Later in 2007, he became the star of The CW series, Reaper as Sam Oliver.Harrison's character appears throughout Season 2 (2011) as an evolutionary biologist and eventual member of the counter-visitor resistance.Bret Harrison was born on April 6, 1982 in Portland, Oregon, USA as Bret Michael Harrison.Bret Michael Harrison (born April 6, 1982) is an American actor and musician known predominantly for his work on comedy television series such as Grounded for Life, The Loop, Reaper, and Breaking In.

But then I’d go back to, “Well, then I could pick this other show which, yes, is going to get on the air, but it sucks.” So to me, I’d rather do the thing that’s cooler, but if it only goes for seven episodes, at least I did something cool and I tried and didn’t do the thing like, “Oh, well we’ve seen that a thousand times and nobody really did anything different.” Alright. But then I’m stuck in that job for seven years and I’m not happy.

All around us are people dressed as the usual Sailor Moons, “Star Wars” characters and, for a very specific reason, familiar faces from “The Goonies.” Harrison’s costume isn’t very elaborate. In all honesty, you get handed scripts during pilot season and this was the best thing I read. And working with [creator] Adam Goldberg again was a big thing and working with [director] Seth Gordon, that was a huge thing, “King of Kong.” I really responded to the material and I thought that we were doing something that was fresh and it just had a different tone to it than a lot of the other comedies I was reading.

His character — brilliant hacker, occasional slacker Cameron, recruited to Contra Security by Christian Slater’s Oz — is dressed as a janitor, but other than the mustache, he looks a lot like Bret Harrison. A lot of times during pilot season, you end up seeing kinda the same pilot.

He had a dramatic guest role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Sam Cavanaugh, a young victim of sexual abuse.

During 20 he starred in The Loop, as a young professional trying to balance the needs of his social life with the pressures of working at the corporate headquarters of a major U.

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