Bt home hub dynamic dns not updating

The type 'A' domain record is used to point a Sub Domain ( to a hard coded IP Address.This is the most direct and straight forward option, also it is important to note that any change you make in the Free DNS program is reflected on the Internet and made live immediately.

You will be able to add more domain names in the future if you require them, and you will also be able to create more web site addresses from your domain using something called "Sub Domains".There is a section on the page entitled "How to: Get a fixed IP address for your Home Hub", which gives a bit more information, but unfortunately not in any great detail: understanding is that the following free Dynamic DNS services are currently supported by the BT Home Hub: However, you may find this to be different when you investigate on your own Home Hub.There are still several versions of the BT Home Hub being used by BT customers.In my recent Blog posts, I have been discussing the possibility of hosting a personal or hobby web site on a computer on your home network using BT Broadband and how you will need to configure the BT Home Hub to enable this. DNS is a system that is used to relate Internet available ip addresses to host names (or Domain Names).All the computers on the Internet actually locate each other by an ip address, which is a series of four numbers separated by periods (dots/full stops).

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A typical ip address looks like this: 86.1 Each number between the dots can be a value between 0 and 255 (256 possibilities).

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