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I said, “You’re my wife, you just don’t know it yet. He presents a very warm but passionate relationship with his wife. ” We all sit there, thinking, “You’re going to fail, he or she is going to leave you.” What I didn’t know was I had the power not to listen to that. I was trying to play the part of someone I thought was cooler. In fact I’m far more scared of failure than I ever was. You’ve got to stay hungry.’ How hard is it keeping a relationship going when he’s on the move so much? Last year for my birthday my wife was away working on a movie so I wasn’t expecting to see her.

‘I love going out with her and having a couple of glasses of wine. I’d worked on myself and when I met Lou I felt worthy of love. I can’t change what I did and I have no control over what is going to happen, only how I handle it, and it’s made me a better husband and a better family man. There was a package at my door with a tape recorder in it. She was telling me she missed me and I kept walking and I got to this area that was set up with Champagne and then she came out from behind a bush. Now we’ve been together close to three years so she’ll probably just say Happy Birthday.

My wife is very conservative, so a lot of things I did I don’t do now. It was around a year after the break-up with Blunt that he first saw Luisana. They are like communism; in theory a good thing, but when in place everything falls apart.‘My wife is always making these movies where she’s kissing some good-looking guy. She says there’s 50 people watching on set and it’s not romantic. And that’s why his Christmas album is the most important one he’s ever done.

‘I was wrapped up in melancholy because I thought I would never see her again. I was drinking a lot more at the time because that’s how I was dealing with things and the head of the record company said that he would like me to meet the country’s most famous actor and actress and in Luisana walked. I thought this was the worst ever: the girl of my dreams is with her boyfriend.'She didn’t speak English but he did, so we had a long conversation. But I don’t know the feeling of kissing without it being romantic.’ They are thinking of starting a family. My wife is such a planner.’ With thoughts of birth come thoughts of death. It’s not just Ave Maria that’s for his grandpa, it’s everything.

‘It was about me looking in the mirror and saying “Michael, wake up”. It was out of insecurity and me worrying what would happen.

I thought, “You know, you could like yourself more.” I’m not embarrassed to say this.

He just didn’t like himself very much, and it took the break-up with Blunt to get him to seek help.‘It ended through both of us being young and naïve and making silly mistakes’, he says.He sings old standards, yet young people love him, which has made him difficult to categorise. I have my own family and my own in-laws and my beautiful wife.’ I was with my grandfather and Uncle Butch and we’d gone to get my car after the show and I saw her across the way.He is now 36, with over 30 million album sales to date, making him the most successful male vocalist in the world. He became proof that it was hip to be square, crooning those old tunes he couldn’t be cooler. Everything changed because his relationship with his former fiancée, Oscar-nominated Devil Wears Prada actress Emily Blunt, fell apart. The last time we met he was giddy with love for Blunt and had just written the song Everything for her. I said, “That’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” ’ But the police escorted Michael’s car back to his hotel and he had no chance to meet her.Country singer Megan joins huge names like Bublé, Paul Simon and Bruno Mars for this July's series of gigs.Other artists announced include DNCE supporting Bruno Mars (July 14), and Tom Chaplin of Keane supporting Paul Simon (July 15).

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I'm just gonna do it.'She added that she only considered singing country music after some feedback at an audition, confessing: 'I went to an audition for a musical and they actually said to me "you can't do this, you can't sing this.

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  1. He has a long list of past relationships and the one with his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart had always been in the limelight. He met her through a common friend who took him to one of her concerts.