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However, over a year ago, this has changed many times.As of now, I am wearing full blue Mjolnir Mark V armor, but this doesn't appear on any website, be it Halo Waypoint, Bungie.net, or otherwise. I've discovered, after decoding it from base64, that the hi-res version's rpis parameter in the URL is 16 bytes, but the lower res version seen in the service record is 32 bytes, so I don't know what that's about. I thought perhaps it was simply waiting for me to make another change to my armor, since I've heard that the new player snapshot is generated in-game and uploaded to I tried this last night, purchased a few new armory items and changed somethings around.For now, I'm still just trying to decode the base64-encoded URL parameter.

If you search my Spartan for Halo: Reach, I appear to be wearing primarily black and red Commando Armor.All of my stuff stays up to date, except campaign difficulty.Beat it on normal first for the story, have since beat it on Heroic twice (one solo, one co-op) and Legendary once co-op, got achievements, challenge completed, and...Destiny servers will be offline for maintenance starting tomorrow, October 7, beginning at around 7 AM PDT.Publisher Activision said in a statement today that the maintenance period will focus on "improving the backend technology that enables players to connect to the world of Destiny." The maintenance should also provide "more stability" for players who have previously encountered connection issues.

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