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OK, so he's telling me about a girl he met at the festival and immediately fell in love with.12. Yup, LOL, sure enough, she dumped him as soon as he got back to New York.14. Probably while people were having an orgy all around me.22. Should I ask whether he wants to take me to Burning Man next year? "If you are not OK being in a tent in a desert with this person, it's not going to work out."26.

Nah, I feel like I would be trying so hard to have a spiritual experience that I'd end up having a nervous breakdown in some stranger's tent.21. Should that be a make-or-break by your second date?

Another 10-minute, itemized list of all the different costumes, condoms, and whip-its he would pack if he were heading out to the festival this year.6.

Just because I don't want to do whip-its in a tent with this person, doesn't mean things aren't going to work out, right?

Attendees set up all sorts of sculptures, art cars and other creations as well as ritual tents, DJ booths and anything else you can imagine for revellers to experience and interact with.

Let me preface this by saying I don't understand the music festival Burning Man. Maybe Burning Man is the kind of thing you have to see to understand. The subject just keeps coming back, like an ex they have never gotten over, until every date seems to go something like this:1. Gosh, I wonder how many BJs this guy received at Burning Man.35. How often do people at Burning Man wash their hands? Like, I know that no matter how many times it was for me, it wouldn't be enough.38. However, primarily, the festival focuses on art, self-expression, inclusivity and the creation of a truly unique community. If you want to place it on the open playa then be sure to check out the official site for advice and guidance. That means you need to bring everything you need to survive, including food and water.There are no catering vans present at the festival.

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