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This was the first time I’d ever brought my child around someone I was dating, so it was a big deal.After dinner, my son’s father (to whom Long was previously engaged; the couple broke up when their son was a toddler) needed to pick him up, so I told him to meet me.And they aren’t really giving those same opportunities to Black women.

They shook hands, and then I guess my son’s father just got emotional, because he basically punched my friend in the face.

But he got to the mall a lot faster than I thought he would. For my birthday he sent me a giant flower arrangement and all these chocolates. And they aren’t really giving those same opportunities to Black women.

It’s like he put on his Batman wings and flew (laughing). L.: Actually, I think we’re changing into more than friends. They’ll cast an ethnic woman, but she won’t necessarily be Black.

Nia Long: I told him his father got emotional and lost his temper, and he didn’t use his best judgment. His boy is like, “Hi, I’m Reggie.” We shake hands, that’s all, and the next thing I know, I’m his girlfriend. The only thing I demand is that he speak to me with respect and that we maintain healthy communication. Of course, there’s the constant struggle to find the balance between work and motherhood: You know, dealing with my son’s school and school plays and the bake sale and the million things mothers do. He likes to cater to a woman, and you don’t need to be his wife for him to do that. Essence: Black male actors have been getting great opportunities to showcase their talents.

Essence: Did the friend you were with happen to be 21-year-old first-round NFL draft pick Reggie Bush? After the fight, everyone was calling me, asking, “Did Reggie Bush beat up your child’s father? Essence: Speaking of dating, I see there’s a giant vase of long-stemmed red roses on your kitchen counter. Essence: You have played the love interest of a fantastic array of men: Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ice Cube, Will Smith, Larenz Tate, Martin Lawrence, Taye Diggs, Mekhi Phifer, Jude Law. Nia Long: The most natural chemistry was definitely with Larenz. Last year Jamie grabbed an Oscar, and this year there’s buzz around Will Smith, Forest Whitaker and Derek Luke.

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When I saw him I thought, Okay, this is nothing to get excited about, and I introduced him to my friend. But I can’t really get caught up thinking about the situation because it’s depressing. I’m on a great show and I have two films (Premonition), opposite Sandra Bullock, in March, and Are We Done Yet?

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