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’ Keep in mind that checking in ≠ asking for permission.

Instead, you’re keeping your partner in the loop in a way that doesn’t leave them feeling unimportant, ignored, or hurt. Give to your partner what you want to receive back.

“Everyone gets disappointed from time to time and has disagreements, but do you both communicate in a respectful way with the goal of trying to understand each other? Check in with your partner about decisions, even if they seem small.’ Instead, say something like, ‘I’ve been feeling less connected lately and would love to spend a night out just the two of us.’” 6.Have more conversations that don’t involve home, friends, work, or your relationship.The point of “I” statements is to communicate your feelings in a nicer, more compassionate way that’s more likely to be heard, couples therapist Elisabeth Lamotte, founder of DC Counseling and Psychotherapy Center, tells Buzz Feed.“Don’t say: ‘YOU are so checked out, we haven’t had a date in weeks!

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