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Read in the installation guide on what NTFS permissions need to be set.rrdtool create --step 300 DS:input: GAUGE:600:0 DS:output: GAUGE:600:0 DS:temp: GAUGE:600:0 DS:load: GAUGE:600:0 DS:bcharge: GAUGE:600:0 DS:battv: GAUGE:600:0 RRA: AVERAGE:0. RRA: AVERAGE:0. rrdtool graph -t "ups " -s -1day -h 120 -w 616 -a PNG -c BACK#F9F9F9 -c SHADEA#DDDDDD -c SHADEB#DDDDDD -c GRID#D0D0D0 -c MGRID#D0D0D0 -c ARROW#0033CC DEF:input=ups.rrd:input: AVERAGE DEF:output=ups.rrd:output: AVERAGE DEF:temp=ups.rrd:temp: AVERAGE DEF:load=ups.rrd:load: AVERAGE DEF:bcharge=ups.rrd:bcharge: AVERAGE DEF:battv=ups.rrd:battv: AVERAGE LINE:input#336600 AREA:input#32CD3260:"Input Voltage" GPRINT:input: MAX:" Max %lgv" GPRINT:input: AVERAGE:" Avg %lgv" GPRINT:input: LAST:"Current %lgv\n" LINE:output#4169E1:"Output Voltage" GPRINT:output: MAX:"Max %lgv" GPRINT:output: AVERAGE:" Avg %lgv" GPRINT:output: LAST:"Current %lgv\n" LINE:load#FD570E:"Load" GPRINT:load: MAX:" Max %lg%%" GPRINT:load: AVERAGE:" Avg %lg%%" GPRINT:load: LAST:" Current %lg%%\n" LINE:temp#000ACE:"Temperature" GPRINT:temp: MAX:" Max %lgc" GPRINT:temp: AVERAGE:" Avg %lgc" GPRINT:temp: LAST:" Current %lgc" You will need at least 13 updates, each 5min apart (IE, 12 PDP (primary data points)) before you can get a single CDP (consolidated data point) written to your RRAs, enabling you to get a data point on the graph.If the value being fed to the file exceeds its Maximum Value, RRDTool will insert an Unknown and you will see no data on the graph.Cacti does this by default to better control graph title formatting.This is most likely due to incorrect NTFS permissions on that file/folder.This prevents Cacti from accessing the file(s) to execute the code.

The second option is to have Cacti call the snmpget and snmpwalk binaries from your ucd-snmp or net-snmp installation.

If you already have a spike on one or more of your graphs, there is a really useful Perl script that will remove them for you.

This occurs because the version of RRDTool that you are running does not match the RRDTool version Cacti is configured to use.

Run snmpconf -g basic_setup and follow the prompts.

Also check that the file being used by snmpd is the correct config file.

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One way to combat this issue is to specify realistic maximum values for your data sources.

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