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The trip hasn’t all completely gone to plan though.

She recounts: ‘My current most memorable moment is when I accidentally navigated to the Oregon Trail and had to hike for 16 miles after skating for 16 miles.

She revealed other women have completed the journey with expert cross country skater Jack Smith, but she is the first to do it entirely unsupported and alone.

‘I think it will be interesting to see what makes me phlegm up at the end of this – is it temperature, elevation, how hard I worked? ’ Keep up-to-date with her blog and donate to her Go Fund Me.‘I ran out of water early, the sun set, and I was absolutely in the middle of nowhere.When I finally hit pavement again, I was treated so well by everyone at the Boise Stage Stop, and even made a friend for life,’ she said.I think all women should feel empowered to be daring and to take on impossible challenges.‘If I can get one girl on a skateboard to just let the bullshit go and focus on what they can do instead of what they can’t, I will have succeeded,’ she said.

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The two players visited St Gabriels Catholic Primary School last week to meet Calleigh and drop off her new signed shirt as well as a signed training top from Jamie.

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