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But I do rememeber that we thought that it was cute that a 2 yr old would ask to get this for his mom. I don’t know what happened after that but the next scene immediately was a huge group of penguins walking in front of me. I don’t know what this means, but I was left quite disturbed because this was the first time I had a dream about my nephew and he jumped off a cliff :( P. It’s been two nights in a row I have been having fish dreams. I might think of your sister as your “sad self” and your nephew as your “child self” who seeks to bring happiness to your sad self.S: Last night I had a dream that a tiny black fish dived inside my stomach and is swimming in my blood in my body. The child is natural and without falseness, and thus relates thematically to the natural creatures in the water; water can also represent the feeling aspect of the psyche. Penguins are both black and white, so they might represent the melding of your thinking and feeling selves; they are also comfortable on land and in the water, representing your versatile aspect; they are also good parents who work together to keep their babies warm.

Sometimes a death, horrifying as it is in a dream, is a symbol of a part of us that must die so that a new incarnation of the Self can be born.

If others care to share any dreams about their children, perhaps we will discover common themes.

Maybe our mutual quest for greater consciousness will benefit our kids and free them from any lingering pain of our own pasts.

The child leads you “off the cliff” of the rational thinking self and toward the water (i.e. As for the black fish, this dream could be saying that the dark aspect of the self is not a fish out of water, but is at home in your gut (or intuition) and in your blood.

They say we once lived in the ocean, and our blood is like sea water.

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