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Vietnamese people enjoy childish boisterousness and it’s perfectly ok for kids to run around and be noisy in public places. Use this term to get attention in restaurants, hotels, guest houses — just about anywhere. But be aware that “em” is used to address people younger or subordinate to you.

Whatever you do, don’t panic and make a run for it. The people on the motorbikes have a vested interest in NOT hitting you, so try to make it easy for them to avoid you by being predictable. To cross the road, stand at the curb and look both ways. You can ask for greens, including herbs, to be boiled. But most Vietnamese can understand hello and thank you.

I was initially concerned about how waitresses would take Miss M away from me.

But, after being repeatedly reassured that no one planned to steal the baby, I learned to enjoy having a bit of time to eat with no one on my lap, using both hands! It should be OK, even if lollies before dinner isn’t your idea of entree.

That’s at home, and it’s not everyone, just a few people per outing.

But in Vietnam, expect just about everyone to react to the baby.

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