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“Changes in technology make video recording more effective and readily available,” Banzhaf explains.“It’s cheap, easy to hide, and the cameras shoot well in low light.” There was also a case in San Francisco where a man was falsely accused of three rapes.

I recommend college-aged males to put as much importance in buying a hidden camera as textbooks, especially if they’re sleeping with girls after alcohol consumption.When you are recording a girl during sex, it would be wise to have her riding you on top for a while with your hands laying to your sides to clearly show that she is engaged in the sex act and loving your cock, regardless of how many Jager bombs she later claims impaired her mind.Once a DA prosecutor sees that footage, you’re as good as free and can then pursue a civil case against her if she has rich parents.A hidden camera is insurance that allows you to pursue sex without having the bad luck of getting caught up in a girl’s twisted fantasy, like has happened to a Return Of Kings writer.Even though I live in Eastern Europe, where false rape accusations don’t exist, I’m ready to implement the camera precaution if conditions change.

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