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It contributes strongly to training Red Cross staff and volunteers in a variety of areas including first aid, and the dissemination of both international humanitarian and human rights law.

The organization also visits places of detention throughout Myanmar and maintains a regular dialogue with the authorities on detainee welfare issues.

However, I’m pretty sure that Nina’s mother only hastened along the inevitable.

Nina and Ian were well on their way to getting back together, with or without any external help.

Many of its programmes in support of needy communities are carried out jointly with the Myanmar Red Cross.

There was a time in the early 20th century when foreign men sustained what was,according to one academic, a larger prostitution market in Myanmar than any other in British-ruled India.

operational speed, decision making, information sharing, crisis communication, flexibility, robustness and handling secret information.'The letter comes as officials on Gotland, Sweden's militarily strategic island in the Baltic Sea, said they likely will turn down a Russian request to rent harbour space after the government warned it could harm the country's defense and political interests.The answer, according to one Swedish group, is simple: The Swedes must send out gay propaganda via Morse code.Gay since 1944," the sign also reads, referring to the date when Sweden made homosexuality legal."It was during my final year of high school," Nandar said.But as soon as Nandar and the broker crossed from Myanmar's Shan State into China's Yunnan Province, the grim reality became clear: she had become part of the illicit Myanmar-China bride trade."One day a broker approached me and suggested that I could make very good money working as a hairdresser in China."With Myanmar's newly opened economy still spluttering, the offer sounded like an ideal opportunity.

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