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Ample evicendce, both in research done in archaeology and physical anthropology, shows that the American Indian wasn't the first group to enter North America.

across Arizona, are being destroyed by development, government infrastructure construction, and natural erosion.The excitement of discovery in archaeological excavation is well known through the media, however this is only one aspect of a discipline that combines humanistic interest with scientific method.Archaeologists study materials from all periods whereas Historians study only those times and places where written record survive. IN THE NEAR FUTURE, LINKS WILL BE ADDED AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE FROM WHO'S WORK I RESEARCHED, PARAPHRASED, COPIED AND PLAGERIZED. I APPOLOGIZED FOR THAT, AND AS SOON AS I CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT, I WILL DISCECT THIS PART OF THE WEBSITE INTO A LOGICAL SERIES OF SEPARATE PAGES. Reservations and tribal communities comprise over a quarter of Arizona's lands.Each tribe, their people, has a history, some of which goes back more than 12,000 years in Arizona. COM, despite it's title, is only an introduction, and is far from complete; much work in Arizona archaeology will take place in the future, and therefore nothing written today will even come close to being "complete." In Pima County alone, where I live, there are more than 15,000 known archaeological sites, an estimated 10 percent of the total number.

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