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She is a fantastic actress and she always has some real depth on her acting.

Her portrayals are undoubtedly world class and it can inspire so many people all over the world.

She has a sibling too whose name is Stephen Mc Cormack.

She went to Oxford School of Drama to learn her acting skills.

We live in Richmond in a top-floor flat that gets the sun in the morning.

I never thought I'd settle in the area but I've been here for 10 years and lived with my boyfriend (a film editor) for the past year. At the moment I'm having a lot of baths, but that's only because I'm quite tired.

Right now it's Me Cheeta, The Autobiography, the satirical novel "written" by the chimpanzee in Tarzan.Left to my own devices I'd get up at midday every day of my life.I'm not an early bird and I'm not very good in the mornings.I took a bottle of sauvignon blanc to help me relax. Last weekend it was my boyfriend's birthday and I made food for about 10 people – a superfood salad from the Leon cookbook and prawns with sugar snap peas and chilli. At school my brother was so skinny he used to put weights on his ankles to help build up strength and muscle.One of the things I love doing on Saturday or Sunday is going to the cinema, either in town or at the Richmond Filmhouse.

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She was born in a place called Epsom, which lies in United Kingdom.

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