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Much of the development of resource-based economic activity in the province has been concerned with linking these separate regions together into a broader provincial economy.The northern half of the province is virtually uninhabited north of Prince Rupert and is cut off from the Pacific Ocean by the Alaska Panhandle.British Columbia is Canada's most westerly province, and is a mountainous area whose population is mainly clustered in its southwestern corner.BC is Canada’s third-largest province after Québec and Ontario, making up 10 per cent of Canada’s land surface.The western section of the province’s mountain ranges consists of the Coast Mountains along the coast and the offshore Insular Mountains.The northern end of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State terminates at the Fraser River, and then the high, snow and ice-covered peaks of the Coast Mountains extend northward along the Alaskan Panhandle into the Yukon.

Two other mountain systems lie west of the Rocky Mountain Trench: the Columbia Mountains to the south; and the Cassiar-Omineca Mountains to the north.British Columbia is a land of diversity and contrast within small areas.Coastal landscapes, characterized by high, snow-covered mountains rising above narrow fjords and inlets, contrast with the broad forested upland of the central interior and the plains of the northeast.The Columbia Mountains consist of three parallel north–south ranges (Purcell, Selkirk and Monashee) with sharp peaks of 2,000–3,000 m separated by long, narrow valleys occupied by Kootenay Lake and the Columbia River.These mountains consist mainly of sedimentary and intrusive rocks of Cretaceous (146 to 65.5 million years ago), Triassic (248 to 206 million years ago) and Jurassic (199.6 to 145.5 million years ago) ages, and contain many mineral deposits.

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In the southern Rockies the sharp, jagged sedimentary rock peaks from the Palaeozoic era (542 to 251 million years ago) differ from the older more rounded, lower peaks of Proterozoic era (2.5 billion to 542 million years ago) to the north.

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