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I just don’t understand how he could change so quickly- two weeks ago he was introducing me to his friends and saying he thinks this could really be something and then suddenly he doesn’t like me as much?I said I felt like he had lead me on and that I wish he had been honest and he said that he promised he didn’t lead me on and he meant all the things he said but since we hadn’t seen each other much in the past two weeks, things started to change for him. At the beginning of a relationship, it’s running on moment to moment emotion – we say what we feel, our brains are dumping all sorts of happy chemicals into our heads giving us all those amazing feelings.In light of this, I can’t think of a better way to kick off OD’s celebration of Black History Month 2012 than to draw attention to the DNA test results of King Tut – the black version of the Great Disappointment – which have proven once and for all that he wasn’t black.Are you ready for 29 days of the greatest moments in black history?Now, a woman could ask why do guys shift so suddenly?I would respond that from one perspective it is sudden…As amazing as it feels, that in it of itself doesn’t mean there’s depth there.

I asked him what he wanted from me and he said he doesn’t know but he thinks that if he liked me enough he would want to cut back on his work and he doesn’t!

He also said he hasn’t really missed not seeing me in the last two weeks that we hadn’t seen each other.

It basically sounded like he likes me but not enough.

He told me how much he liked me, how lucky he felt to be with me and how he really thought this could be something.

He also introduced me to his friends about two weeks ago and told me that I’m the first girl in the past two years that he’s introduced them to.

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When we expose our self, our vulnerabilities and let someone see us as we are, it creates a deeper bond within you to the other person.

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