This particular blend was tangy and salty, like chicken, and had an interesting sweet spice that I can't exactly pinpoint, but probably was turmeric or cinnamon.

The yolk also made the texture more like steamed milk than tea, so it felt more like a meal — which it should be, for .

If you do like it, though, Davis says to keep in mind that it's not a meal replacement and you should make sure that you're also eating other proteins, like chicken or beans, as part of your diet.

Lips truly offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for a rip-roaring time, a quality meal or a place to entertain out of town guests.

It's mainly found in skin, hair, intestines, nails, and joints — but, over time, a person's collagen production declines, which is why many people turn to supplements, she says.

According to Davis, collagen could improve your skin's elasticity, keep you hydrated, and decrease joint pain, "which is pretty exciting," she says. jug for groups (), or buy the broth frozen and heat it up at home ().

At Lips we do our best to shock you and your guests into laughter and applause.

With a full stage show, disco lighting and club sound system Lips Atlanta show palace was designed by world-class club designer Brenda Starr.

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