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The wooden model of the natural size of such a tank was quickly constructed, and was presented to the Comité consultatif de l’artillerie d’assaut on January 17, 1917.

The design of this tank was by far the most modern and advanced construction in the world.

It became evident at that time that someone in a very active manner systematically destroyed existing documents, thus obliterating the traces of his participation in this first “tank scandal”, comparable to that in England in 1944.

On the basis of the surviving documents, the following course of events has been reconstructed: in the summer of 1916 the shipyard FCM, in Brittany, France, was contracted to design and build a heavy tank by bribing General Mouret (former head of the army automotive department) Although never before planned such a project.

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It is decided to cancel the order and for a short while it seems that the history of the French heavy tank will end up like a farce, but ultimately Estienne decides to order 10 tanks that are finally created in 1921.

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