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“Of the Report of the Smitlisoniaii Institution, ten thousnnd copie.s; one tiiousanil copies for the Senate, two tiiousand for the House, tive tliousaiiil lor ilistrihntion tiy the Smithsonian Institution, and two thousand for distribution liy tlie A'ational Museum.'’ n % 1 KEJ^OKT OF THK U.

n« % KV ACT PROVIDING FOR THE I'r BEt O PRINTING AND BINDING, AND THB DISTKIHUTION OF ITBEK' Do CFMENTS, Aiprov(‘il .lannaiy 12, IS' Mirs EUM, C N'DEK TFIK PIKECTION »t:c/'f-t(t /'//., Sm ttlixoiii Kii liixtitutniii.

lie was e\ er occupied in devising" ways for so presenting" the features of nature and tin' activities of mankind that by the ^•ory foi"ce of his sur- roundings the visitoi" was bound to receive and carry with him some definite impressions, some new bit of knowledge.

lie labored earnestly and con- scientiously to make this a museum for as well as of il,,- j)eople. 11 iiiaintuiti the study series in a luaniicr acceptable to the specialist, the interests of the jaiblic always laniiaim'd in his iininediate charye. The collection of vtulebrate fossils was increased bv several impor- tant additions, one of which, coinprisintj the teeth of hiim- Itolilti and Jtfiixtiidon an'ililh nnn and casts of mandibular i-ami, wa^ received from the British IMuseuni, London, Eno-land.

the visitor shall not he overburdeiu'd or confused with (h'tails.

Buffalo, and Chicago, with notes on .'iome European institutions. Lower main hall, Smitlisoniaii Institution buililing 219 7. The bill as pa.ssed, being an item in the sundry civil act fol- ly 04, was as fellows: ljuilding for Nati(jnal Museum: To enal)le the Regents of the Sniithsoniaii Institu- tion to commence the erection of a suitable fireproof building with granite fronts, for tlie use of the National Museum, to be erected on the north side of tlie Mall, ))etween Ninth and Twelfth streets, northwest, suhstantially in accordance with the Plan A, jirejjared and submitted t(_i Congress by the Secretary roveil June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. 13 for the ereotiou of the entire building’ in gniiute, at a limiting- of 500, adopted hy the Senate, and the measure in this .shape wa.s tinally agreed to in eonference between the eommittees of the two Houses. The colh H-tion as a whole is the most extensive of its kind in existenci' and contains manv unique specimens. Srnallcr collections of interesting fossil inverte- brates were contributed bv the U. Creeii, to whom tiie coii- .'tructioii anil contracts fur the new Mu.'eum building are committed Congress in the act making an appropriation for that purpo-e. wore selected as architects and before, the close of the fiscal year their part of the work was well under way. lynlj, a eommittce to the Board in conneetion with tlie work of con- struction was de.signated liy resolution as follow.': Tliat the Secretary, witli the adxice and eoii.-eiit of the Chancellor and the chair- man of tlie executive eommittee, he authorized to repre.-cnt the Boaid of Regents so fur as may be necessary in consultation with Bernard R. of W ashington, wln.i made the ten- tative plaii.s.

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Hearings followed before, the Committees on Appropriations of both the House and Scimte.

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