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*dtanja (30), TV/TS on 19 April 2018 by Webcam: Shaved and big, just like I like it.14) You already have a history with them: If they are an ex, then they could easily become a ‘present’!15) You are tempted to keep it secret: If you are tending to keep the conversations and meetings secret for some reason, then you know that internally you think your partner wouldn’t be happy, at which point I direct you back to point 1!12) Fancying them: If you ‘would do them’ as a male mate of mine used to say, then I can pretty much be sure that your partner won’t approve of the friendship.13) They have a history of affairs: If this person has a history of having affairs with other people, then a big red flag is waving at you!

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  2. Labour sources said Mr Corbyn had asked Christine Shawcroft to step down as chair of the Disputes Panel, which investigates allegations of antisemitism and other offences, after her email was leaked to Earlier on Thursday the leaders of the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council refused Mr Corbyn’s request for an “urgent meeting” unless he agrees to meet a number of conditions, including appointing an independent ombudsman and publicly condemning abuse of Labour MPs who attended Monday’s protest.