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It is not consensus but rather sensus that powers learning, and critical self-awareness.

In other words, I may only develop if there is another who claims ownership of my world and places me in question. “Black and Ashamed: Deconstructing Race in Ralph Ellison’s .”.

Kafka’s analogy in his letter to Oscar Pollock where literature should "wound and stab us…

affect us like a disaster" may serve as a suitable metaphor for learning.

However, my research interest ranges across the entire spectrum of literary theory and related philosophical concerns upon which our understanding of literature and culture is based.

A multicultural classroom characterised by a radical pluralism in terms of class, gender and ethnicity, each with a significant voice in the systematisation of knowledge, is only possible in a pedagogical milieu that enables polyphony of experience.

Background I came to Sweden as a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1990s and have studied English, theoretical philosophy and art and visual studies at several universities in both Sweden and abraod. “Black and Ashamed: Racial Shame in Ralph Ellison’s ”.

I have worked as a Senior Lecturer and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in English at the University of Gothenburg and Jönköping University since 2010.

Jacques Derrida, Maurice Blanchot, Emmanuel Levinas, Giorgio Agamben and the strong influence of continental philosophy on our understanding of the significance of language for social and cultural practice are of critical importance in my research.

My latest project considers ethical approaches to subjectivity and otherness in Levinas’s writing and the way they are manifested in modern literary writing.

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