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You see, back in the day there was only a handful of teams and it costs money, and you had to find transportation, etc.But low and behold, they made it happen for me, which gave me the platform to be exposed to a disciplined top notched AAU organization, superior coaching which led to many scholarships offers.Next is breakfast, walk my dog, Harleigh for 20 minutes, then out the door to Banker’s Life Fieldhouse for an am staff meeting, which is b By am I make time for individuals, which is player development in small groups.Then from 10-pm we practice…During training camp we often times practice twice a day (10- and -pm). We discuss the practice, what’s needed for tomorrow…What’s like being in a place that values basketball so much, a sport you obviously love? Obviously in life, we all make sacrifices to achieve our goals.

But, also watching the growth and success of players that I’ve had the pleasure of coaching. The same day I was fired, Indiana was on the phone with my agent and 3 weeks later I was introduced as the new head coach of the Indiana Fever. It’s something I’ve put on my list to prioritize in 2018.Secondly, it was with one of the most storied professional teams in Europe which gave me an opportunity to learn the international game and it’s players.I think in today’s climate I have a greater appreciation for being a GM and Head Coach of two different professional organizations (Chicago for 6 yrs, and just recently being named GM in my second year in Indiana). You can sense it from the outside, but now that I’m on board, wow. I mention this because coming from a state that values basketball, and an organization that had previously won a championship, it made me feel on top of the world they chose me.TAKJ: You are now the Head Coach of the WNBA’s Indiana Fever, a state that is known to be the basketball belt of the USA. TAKJ: I totally get you on the small batch whiskey!

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But those are all things you’ll hear about covered in our interview below. First and foremost, it was an opportunity to coach some of the best players in the world.

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