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We also conducted an experiment to observe the movement of artefacts on the ground when people walked over them.

These results allow us to respond to the earlier critics with data that point to a relatively small amount of movement, not enough to mix artefacts between the three distinct layers of occupation that we found in our excavations.

Australian archaeologists have been wary of OSL methods because often in the past OSL involved sand grains measured together in a little group, resulting in ages that were not very accurate.

In 20 our team excavated an area of 20 square metres at Madjedbebe.

Our large excavation area allowed us to pick up very rare items, such as the world’s oldest known edge-ground hatchets and world’s oldest known use of reflective pigment.

During the excavations we recorded the three-dimensional co-ordinates of more than 10,000 stone artefacts using a laser total station.

Australia is the end point of early modern human migration out of Africa and sets the minimum age for the global dispersal of humans.

This event was remarkable on many fronts, as it represented the largest maritime migration yet undertaken and the settlement of the driest continent on Earth, and required adaptation to vastly different flora and fauna.

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We found artefacts in three distinct layers of occupation.

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