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With the proper tools, they can break through the surface.Mastering the art of good talk requires just two simple tools. Some people are especially skilled at opening others up.And so the general perception of online dating as a whole began to change, so much so that media organisations started buying up successful dating startups.Probably the most famous online dating acquisition that set the scene was when Australia's Fairfax Media found its perfect match buying Australia's largest subscription based dating website rsvp for 40 million dollars on March 4th 2006.For many people, there simply isn't enough time in the day to get everything done let alone waste time on an online dating site that isn't a good fit for your unique needs.

In the first few conversations there may be an exaggeration of agreement, for example, as both parties attempt to connect ("You like sardines on your pizza?! Fortunately, even eager friends do not need to be bedraggled by this subtle snare.

His years of research revealed that good listeners genuinely convey interest in understanding the other person, they accept the person’s feelings without interruption, and they empathize by trying to see the world from that person’s perspective.

These are the skills of a good listener: genuineness, acceptance and empathy. She genuinely wanted to enter my world and understand my feelings.

In fact, no decent friendship can be made without it. You spill something a bit private and chances are something intimate will get spilled back on you. Social scientists call it the "disclosure reciprocity effect." Whatever you call it, however, beware: It’s risky. If you do nothing less than reciprocate my vulnerability, I feel slighted. Lewis wrote about the process of self-disclosure and friendship in his classic book The Four Loves: "The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, ‘What? I thought I was the only one’-it is then that Friendship is born."Knowing when and how to talk about yourself is as important a skill as listening.

If I reveal a part of me, my excitement, my insecurity, whatever, I open myself up to potential rejection. But if you do share my secret, if you identify with me, we’ve struck the cord of friendship and are no longer alone. No one really gets close to the kind of person who’s so careful about her image she never reveals anything intimate. In other words, if you reveal too much you’ll overwhelm the other person.

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Ancient religions is not something that changes or evolves with time or technology - it is what it is.

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