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A prodigy in everything else, her dragon heritage, while not yet fully developed, started to express itself at a much earlier age than Jake's did.

Part of that may be due to dragon girls developing their powers much earlier than boys, as her mother Susan Long explained.

Jake learned that she had written a letter while they were dating, explaining her family's dragon heritage, but had never given it to him.

Using time travel, Jake took the note and put it in his father's locker, causing him to actually leave her until Jake could straighten everything up.

However, like most troublesome siblings, she actually has a deep rooted respect for Jake, and when she was required to step up and take on the duties of Substitute American Dragon for two weeks, she finally and fully realized exactly what all her brother had to deal with on a daily basis.

Haley takes pride in exposing Jake's mischievous behavior to their parents, as well as showing off her own "superior" talents.

At first only able to express isolated parts of her dragon form, such as her claws, snout, wings or tail, after about a year she was already able to perform a full body morph into her adolescent dragon form.

Although she was not as strong as Jake or older dragons she was way faster.

Like her brother Jake, Haley possesses dragon powers.

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