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It’s like the cook who garnishes every meal with a sprig of parsley out of habit.

It is among other romantic clichés like "candle-lit dinners" and may, in fact, simply indicate that the person enjoys romantic gestures and activities in general.

One or two of these might be OK, but a whole string of these adjectives is not really describing yourself.

You’re just describing how everyone wants to be perceived.

If you’re going to mention "dive bars" or "road trips," it’d be a good idea to be more specific: which bar or destination have you particularly enjoyed recently, and why? The fact that you're posting a personal ad is the one thing that can't possibly distinguish yourself from anyone else on there. "" Two strikes against this one: (1) it’s plagiarized from a million other profiles, and (2) it's code for "I still have lingering feelings of resentment about past relationships." Keep your relationship baggage out of your profile. "." I doubt that you're typing these words while an atonal composition by Schoenberg is playing in the background.

As far as "sarcasm," it’s probably better just to use it rather than mention it. You don't need to make excuses for why you're on a dating site. The truth is that you like some kinds of music, but not others. "I like all kinds of music" is a red flag that you're afraid to share anything about yourself. "" Same problem as "partner in crime." You’re clearly not working hard at coming up with your own words to describe yourself.

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He just wants someone who wants what he does; to walk an indefinite, indeterminate distance well beyond the comfort and expectations of everyone else.

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