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They will also ask to see some form of identification and have the prospect sign a few forms.

It’s not all bureaucracy though as a major task of the interviewer is to find out what kind of women the potential member is interested in.

Most compensated dating taking place in Japan today is arranged through the internet though the language or rules can exclude guys who aren’t Japanese from the fun.

Universe Club is the first dating club in Japan I’m aware of that actively seeks to attract foreign members.

Posts on Japan are some of the most popular on this website.

Because of this guys can be left in the lurch when visiting the land of the rising sun.

While Japan is far from being the most difficult place to hook up in the world it is not without its obstacles.

A major one for foreign visitors is the language barrier but other things can also get in the way.

I specially enjoy covering aspects of the adult industry that people may otherwise not know about and the statistics show that readers share my sentiments.

Compensated dating is nothing new in Japan and indeed knowledge of the practice has spread around the world to the point that the activity is now somewhat common in countries like South Korea and Taiwan.

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They range in age with most being in their 20’s or 30’s.

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