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This sometimes takes 2-3 tries before it slides on properly…

if anything, it feels like an amazing, tight, skillful blow job where you’re in full control of the intensity and placement of pleasure. I frequently recommend this sex toy to my male clients who have a difficult time lasting in bed (because the intensity forces you to go slow, enjoy the pleasure, and build up sexual stamina over time).

It slows down the user flow slightly, but not in a significant or prohibitive way.– Noisy Some people don’t like the sounds that it makes (personally, I don’t mind it – it sounds like a slurping blow job).

But if you live in a small home with people and don’t want them hearing what you’re doing, then this might be an issue for you.

But you could always just use it while in the shower to minimize the chances of being heard.

Or, you know, just learn to be okay with people knowing that you masturbate because you’re a human and it’s normal and great.– The lubricants that it ships with It sometimes ships with three different lubes that are chemical-y smelling and NOT worth using.

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But I’m going to do my best to describe what it’s like so that you can get this magic into your life (if it sounds appealing to you).

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