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We try our best to explain such concepts very clearly. Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4, Lesson 5, Lesson 7, Lesson 8, Lesson 9, Lesson 11 and Lesson 13 now have sound samples! Listen to native Russian speakers reading the phrases from each lesson. Some people love walking through Russia’s amazing museums (St Peterburg has the largest in the world).

Our site has a quick reference menu down the left hand side so that you can quickly refer to any information that needs refreshing. Please ensure that you join our community in the forums section of the site. This is a very basic animated series to help you expand your Russian vocabulary Russian Alphabet - Learn your Russian ABCs. Many people love the sense of history, which stretches from the imperial greatness of the Russian empire to the recent fall of the USSR.

In our first lesson you will learn the Russian alphabet.

If you can sound out words and place names then you have a huge advantage while travelling in Russia.

If you want to learn Russian then you have come to the right place!

We hope this site helps all those people who are thinking about learning Russian.This site is still fairly new, but we are regularly adding new lessons and content to the site.You can start each lesson by clicking on the link to the left.You can learn the basics of Russian quickly and it will help you an enormous amount while travelling. Net we understand that many English speakers don’t even remember English grammar very well. Yesterday - Russian Past Tense - Hear the past tense used in context Alexandra's Trip - Russian Future Tense - Talking about something in the future Alexandra Shopping For Furniture - A huge furniture shopping trip. Russia has one of the world’s richest cultures and it has only recently re-opened it’s doors to the world.You will be able to see and enjoy more on your Russian holiday. It is no more difficult than other languages such as French or German. We will teach you the basics of grammar without getting too technical, just some basic rules to point you in the right direction. Food - Vocabulary for food Verbs of Motion - The Verbs of Motion. For some it’s the amazing Russian night-life, for others it’s the sheer beauty of Russian cities like St Petersburg.

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I wrote Eugeniusz Ludwik Armand / Eugene Louis was married to a beautiful Polish - Maria Wilhelmina PASZKOWSKA / MARIA Pashkovskaya.

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