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These swords were well made with some of their blades being imported from the Frankish Rhineland. Verbal provenance is that it is a battlefield find near Vinnytsia, Ukraine. This one has a mean little spike projecting from it. .00 This amulet known as a “Lunula” was worn by pagan Viking and Slavic women as a charm for fertility, good luck and a happy life. Condition is fantastic with a knee deep emerald green patina.

The Vikings became prolific traders of these fine swords along with their slaves, amber and furs. Christianity quickly took hold among the Swedes trading and raiding in the east due to the influence of Byzantine missionaries. Bronze guard and pommel have a matching pagan solar symbol motif. Sometimes weapons were ceremonially broken as offerings. Missing parts of the rim and has some areas of rust through. Dug at a 7th Century battle site near Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Found near Kiev, Ukraine, the power seat of the Swedish Viking Rus. This example comes from a long time London Collection and most likely belonged to one of the invading Danes that plagued England in the 9th and 10th Centuries. Iron, gold and bronze examples are known and they come in various designs.

14.”The Visigoths, an Ethnographic Perspective” by Peter Heather page 413, fig. 50.00 Classic early to mid 7th Century style featuring stylized griffin design. This buckle is a reflection of the Byzantine influence on art of the later Visigothic Kingdom. This type of jewelry was of great popularity among Slavic and Viking women.

People wearing this symbol hoped to attract luck, happiness and to protect themselves from evil forces, like the Evil Eye and demonic creatures. 95.00 All business and designed for chopping down enemies, not wood.

This Pagan Anglo-Saxon Bronze Brooch is remarkable for it’s size, 5.5″ as well as the fantastic green patina and decoration. 5.00 This great book has been sold out by Amazon and is very hard to get. Fashioned out of cast bronze and thought to give magical powers to a warrior’s sword or offer protection from the gods in battle.

They were worn in pairs by women and pinned their cloaks at the shoulders. I have twenty copies that I got directly from the author who has hand signed them all. These were used to pin a Viking Warrior’s Cloak at the shoulder freeing up his sword hand.

This explains the remarkable preservation in many cases of pagan age iron objects and weapons. 5.00 These were worn in pairs at the shoulders. This Danish Pattern Battle Axe measures about 5″ across and most likely was carried by a Viking Warrior’s Son as he learned the arts of war.

The patriarchs of the Old Testament continually warned against marrying strange wives which would lead to idolatry. This example was dug in Estonia and is in excellent condition. The Pagan Germanic tribes settled across the island and under the Christianizing influence of the Catholic Church developed a peace loving society with high levels of art and learning. In the year 786, there is an entry in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle that mentions three Longships coming ashore; “Here Beorhtric [AD 786-802] took King Offa’s daughter Eadburh. Found long before 1979 on private property in Catron County New Mexico by the late Dr. 50.00 This weird looking vessel is shaped like a football and has a spout on top with a dog head effigy projecting from it. Spout has pressure cracks but no material loss or restoration whatsoever. This example has a nice green patina and was dug in Estonia. This is a fierce looking weapon that had to be wielded by a most powerful warrior. This fantastic example comes from a long time and discriminating Ukrainian collection. Very minor pitting to the iron and thoroughly cleaned and treated for preservation. Dug near Kiev and from a long time Ukrainian Collection. Made of silver and intended to protect a warrior in battle. Dug near the Capital of the Kievan Rus, Kiev Ukraine. Classic Scandinavian Pattern with wide angular blade. Very rare to find this large and in this condition. 50.00 A relic from the very first days when Saxons, Angles and Jutish Pirates overran the undefended Roman Province of Britannia.

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