Consolidating clinical services

Reorganization and consolidation of laboratory testing is a cost-saving strategy.

Consolidation of laboratory services eliminates duplication, making laboratory testing more efficient.

As a result, the benefits of consolidation, particularly improved efficiency and improved turnaround time for testing, are especially attractive.

By the 1990s, fee-for-service was no longer the most common reimbursement method for most hospitals.They opine that the microbiology lab should be supervised by a board-certified physician; they report that integrated laboratory services typically handle a larger volume of testing and often possess equipment that is more highly automated.Further, they state that automation may improve turnaround time for laboratory tests.Some of the benefits identified by this research were cost reduction, improvements in test accuracy, expansion of testing menus, standardization of test methods among several facilities, and increases in funding for education.The restructuring of laboratory services at Detroit Medical Center, for example, improved productivity to 13% higher than that of its peer institutions, and lowered the cost per test to 20% below its peers.

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