Consolidating files in itunes

Your i Tunes library is a set of commands that the application uses to find where the song or video that you want to use is located.

The library is thus a list of references to locations on either your hard drive or another computer (if you are part of a local network). Whether you are creating an i Tunes library from one computer or various computers in a network, you likely do not have all of your music and video files in one location.

To revert to storing imported items in the default i Tunes folder, choose i Tunes preferences, select the Advanced tab and click Reset.

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TUTORIAL: How to move i Tunes library to an external drive This mode should be indispensable to those of you who prefer to keep multi-gigabyte video files on an external disk rather than in the i Tunes Media folder on your computer.

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As you know, i Tunes doesn’t automagically know about your media unless you import the items so they appear in your library. ITL file in your i Tunes folder that the computer uses to keep track of your imported media and meta data such as play counts, ratings and more.

TUTORIAL: Using Photos for Mac in referenced library mode When importing music from a CD, the files get automatically added to the i Tunes Media folder. choosing the Add to Library option from the File menu or by dragging them into i Tunes—i Tunes may or may not create copies of your source files.

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Thankfully, you can reclaim your precious storage space lost to these duplicates with a few clicks.

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