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the point of using illustrator is to manipulate the linework (adjust line color, line weight, do fills/ "live paint", etc), so converting the cad file into an image impedes the whole purpose of the excercise.

the big concern is that illustrator10 works and CS doesn't. I think it has something to do with the units setting in autocad or illustrator, but I can't get anything consistant. looks like it converts splines to 3d polylines automatically. the r12thing unfortunately works only at a certain resolution.

(4) now i can finally open it in CS without funkiness. i do my lineweights in illustrator based on layers. [also, to clarify, the issue only happens with splines, not polylines.] if you are using splines in autocad for curves, they will convert as weird loopy things (technical word for it. i found the best way to fix this is to first bring the autocad file into rhino, save as file then open in illustrator cs like normal. Hi A saved Auto CAD file is not a graphic but a CAD file , maby Illustrator can use the embeded graphic in an Auto CAD file but couldn't the problem be solved by just plotting to a graphic format BMP or Jpg. And isn't Illustrator geared better for importing a Jpg or other graphic format that you can produce by plotting to file ?

(3) open this file in old illustator 10 and save as a) save as an acad 2000 (if you want to maintain layers but lose lineweights) or b) plot a (if you want to maintain lineweights but lose layers) option b requires setting up a postscript printer driver via the add-a-plotter wizard. whether the file is or (and saved in older version, like 2000), it still opens funkily in CS and fine in ai 10.

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NET, platforms Experience in GIS application design, programming, implementation, and support within electric utility GIS deployments is highly desired.

Working knowledge of programming languages, operating systems, database concepts and writing SQL queries, troubleshooting and testing methodologies Ability to create and modify scripts for software configuration/applications Ability to write step-by-step technical documentation and drawings (software deployments, testing steps, operational procedures) Ability to follow technical documentation to perform software deployments, testing, and operational procedures. Much of this job entails some Linux and Windows system administration to support the applications.

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In autocad, set up a paperspace layout with the appropriate viewport scaled to the desired scale (pretend you are going to plot this out, go through the same procedure in setting up paperspace layout). for all intensive purposes, that's the same as using an EPS printer driver, except plotting an eps will take care of problem 2. I might grab some demos just to see if there is an elegant solution to this. Still no solution on bringing in the layers separately except for what I stated before? but u have to save it as the adobe pdf...i had similar problems..install the professional acrobat, thats what i did... Once I place the PDF file in Illustrator, the scale is all set up and line weights are right. ..if either of you two had read the thread, you would know that that doesn't help at all.

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