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It is also not for people who need to maintain a high credit score, or will be kept up at night worrying about the possibility of a lawsuit.If you want to pursue this option but avoid the do-it-yourself heavy lifting, consider working with a commercial debt settlement company.

"Priority" is your relative importance for each expense. For example, your rent or mortgage should be a "1," and treats like cafe-bought coffee drinks should be a "5." Total your monthly expenses. If the amount is small, look for ways to cut spending. Pay the minimum amounts on all other debts, and pay the maximum amount on the one with the highest interest rate.Consolidating your debt requires a little bit of planning and a lot of execution.Look at your debt like a carpenter looks at building a cabinet — you need the right tools (in this case, knowledge), the right materials (money), and time to complete your project.Both, however, allow you to make We start with, naturally, step 1.Collect your monthly statements and write down the information in a table like the one below.

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