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Plate tectonics -- the reigning paradigm in the earth sciences -- faces some very severe and apparently fatal problems.Far from being a simple, elegant, all-embracing global theory, it is confronted with a multitude of observational anomalies, and has had to be patched up with a complex variety of ad-hoc modifications and auxiliary hypotheses.The hypotheses of large-scale continental movements, seafloor spreading and subduction, and the relative youth of the oceanic crust are contradicted by a substantial volume of data.

Pratt goes on to challenge many of the basic tenets of the plate tectonic theory to include the most fundamental concept of plates sliding over the lubricating asthenosphere.This might seem like an obvious expectation, except for the fact that it is not observed in real life.The ocean trenches do not have enough sediment in them if subduction has truly occurred in these areas over the course of millions of years.For example, the mid-ocean ridges, where new crust is thought to be produced, total 80,000 km in collective length.However, only about 40,000 km of ocean trenches and "collision zones" exist.

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