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And family-prone Spring Break cruises require three times as many chicken nuggets. Norovirus outbreak—which ship doctor De La Rosa says is almost always caused by a passenger who has brought the illness aboard, rather than poor sanitary conditions on the ship. On , regular sanitary conditions are called “OPP1,” and they get ratcheted up to “OPP2” when there’s a “6 in 6,” or six passengers reported ill in six hours.

The one thing that never changes no matter who is on board? (You’ll know OPP2 is in full gear when the crew gets less subliminal about its “wash your hands” messaging.) If the incidence rate escalates and the situation reaches OPP3, guests lose the ability to handle their own food.

The book Pavlov bequeathed to me included such doozies as: “Where’s the elevator to get to the front of the ship? ” and “How long does it take the crew to get home every night?

” My favorite contribution came three days into my tenure, when a passenger stopped me to complain that she could no longer find her cabin. ingredients for 20 different dining venues, plus servings for the 2,000-member crew.

At a time when travelers are feeling more precious than ever about “authentic experiences,” the cruise industry is doubling down on the exact opposite: completely manufactured fun.

It’s crucial for the staff to have code words so that passengers don’t get freaked out if something goes wrong.“Those trips tend to be the least-expensive, attracting both older passengers, who are prone to getting sick, and the young booze cruisers, who forget about hygiene.” As for the most common diagnoses at sea?They include upper respiratory infections, bruised bones, and the odd Viagra mishap.But sanitation is just one aim of the frequent subliminal messaging.Special promotions around the ship encourage passengers to scatter when certain areas become congested, and moving guests around the ship subtly encourages them to diversify (and increase) their onboard spending.

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