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This personal data is used to establish how many people visit, enable us to organize the pages for the best usability, make the website suitable for your browser, and ensure that our pages are working at their full potential.

Although we collect personal data on website traffic we do not record personal data on particular visitors to our website, which means that no personal data about you as an individual is retained or used.

Our data sets are made available as single compressed archive files (file).

Pew Research is interested in learning about other ways that scholars use our data.

We will only use the personal data you send to us during your visits for the purposes of internal tracking.

Individuals will need to fill out a brief registration before downloading data.

By using our website you consent to the contents of this Privacy Policy. You should always understand the privacy policies on any website when supplying information during your use of the website.

You should always ask for a copy of the privacy policy if the website does not make the information available to you.

By registering on our website you will provide and share your personal data with the public and with other users. For example, the personal data you provide in section «About Me», your name,gender, username, user ID, profile picture, photos and videos.

This personal data is made available to the public to help connect you with other website users.

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