Dating a man from el salvador

Ha, seriously though, I have so many things that I want to share with you.

And so many things that are still swirling around in my head and my heart that will probably take time to process, as tends to happen with these kind of trips.

But before we ever dare to criticize people or programs, let us all remember that solutions are not always that simple.

Note: I am very aware that the word “poor” is taboo in the States.

And it was obvious — sometimes the weight of it brought tears to my eyes — that they felt so honored to be heard. Especially hearing person after person after person humbly explain how hard they were having to work to survive.

And how much pain and loss many had already had to endure in their young lives. They can be interpreted from many angles, but the most important perspective is from the person living them.

But in short, they are a non-profit that works primarily to help match sponsors with children and elderly people in 22 countries around the world who are living in poverty.

And I’m a fan of the thoughtful, sustainable, and progressive ways they go about doing that.

And while I love to travel and meet new people and see organizations’ work on the ground, I also am very aware that these trips require a lot of time and money, and I think a lot about whether that time and money could be better invested to help organizations in more effective ways. Everyone was very sincere in their desire to make us feel welcome. But mostly it was expressed in their eyes and in their smiles and in a hundred little conversations where everyone would check in to be sure that we were comfortable and enjoying their country.You could just feel that they were really happy to have people come visit, and we were equally happy in return to get to visit and get to know them.Contrasted with our “Pinterest-y” world back home where good hospitality is often equated with the perfect tablescape or party favors or gourmet meal for your guests, these people reminded us that the heart behind hospitality really is what matters most. There’s nothing like getting to share stories in person.But when it comes to poverty in developing countries, the hard truth is that sometimes no amount of strength, perseverance, intelligence, or sheer willpower will be enough to help an individual get what they need.And actually, it can be unfair and naive and even cruel to expect that from them. And the reason it continues to exist — even in the 21st century — is because the systems and corruption that keep people in poverty are often deeply complex and exhausting.

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As one woman said, “what all of the women in our community once thought was impossible is now possible.” I have to say though, the intention behind be the ones to give to their children, and partner with them to help encourage the kids in school.

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