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The great 19th century French composer Hector Berlioz holds a unique place in musical history.

Far ahead of his time, he was one of the most original of great composers, but also an innovator as a practical musician, and a writer and critic whose literary achievement is hardly less significant than his musical output.

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Last update: (previous four updates : 5 April; 1, 2, ) Join us on our Facebook group Berlioz Biography The first known autobiography of Berlioz (in French) La Côte Saint-André – Berlioz’s birthplace Meylan – where Berlioz first met his ‘Stella montis’ Vienne (Isère) – where Berlioz’s sister Adèle lived Berlioz and Paris An autograph document of 1866 — Berlioz’s finances Berlioz as seen by his contemporaries: Ernest Legouvé (1886) (in French) Camille Saint-Saëns (1890) (in French) Ernest Reyer (1893) Charles Hallé (1896) Richard Wagner (1911) Wilhelm Ganz (1913) Contemporary Performances and Articles Berlioz: A Complete Listing of his Musical Works (including works lost, unfinished, or merely planned) Berlioz Music Scores (a collection of Berlioz’s orchestral music in full score) See also on this page: Scores not included in the New Berlioz Edition Berlioz Music Scores – Texts and Documents Berlioz and his Music – Self-borrowings Berlioz: Musical and Literary Works (bibliographical information on his musical and literary works) Extracts from the Treatise on Instrumentation and Orchestration The Conductor – Theory of his Art (complete text in the original French) Berlioz’s Critical Study of the Symphonies of Beethoven First Editions of Berlioz’s Published Scores Berlioz Libretti (in the original language – French or Latin) Berlioz and Literature – Some Sources of Inspiration Berlioz-inspired Works of Art Berlioz-inspired Art Postcards Berlioz’s Writings With built-in search function Les Soirées de l’Orchestre (1852) (complete text in the original French) Les Grotesques de la Musique (1859) (complete text in the original French) À Travers Chants (1862) (complete text in the original French) Mémoires (1870) (complete text in the original French) Berlioz: Mémoires d’un musicien – Le Monde Illustré 1858-1859 (Introduction and presentation in English) All the articles published by Berlioz, under the title of “Mémoires d’un musicien”, for Le Monde Illustré in 18 are now available on this site.

Berlioz: Voyage en Russie (1847) – Magasin des Demoiselles, XII, 1855-1856 (in the original French, with introduction in French and English) Treatise on Instrumentation and Orchestration (Extracts) The Conductor – Theory of his Art (complete text in the original French) Berlioz: Report on the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 Berlioz: Musical and Literary Works (bibliographical information on his musical and literary works) A Bibliography of Les Soirées de l’Orchestre A Bibliography of Les Grotesques de la Musique A Bibliography of À Travers Chants A Bibliography of the Mémoires Berlioz: Feuilletons – Journal des Débats 1834 - 1863 With built-in search function (Introduction in French and English, feuilletons in French) Contains the transcription of all the articles that Berlioz wrote for this journal from 1834 to 1863 (nearly 400 in all).

by Grigory Moiseev Memorabilia You and Berlioz’s music Celebrations of Berlioz’s 200th birthday in 2003 Homage to Berlioz – December 2003 Berlioz Bicentenary Special (a collection of invited articles) We would like to invite you to contact us and tell us about events, news, publications, concerts or any other information related to Hector Berlioz in your community, so that we can circulate them among Berlioz admirers around the world via this site.

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