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The pens were made to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of NASA.

The metal came from the "Atlas" rocket booster, salvaged in Africa.

n 1986 Parker saw fit to incorporate a Fountain Pen to the Classic line.

Lately the GEN1 pickups have gained more attention and are now categorized the real deal for a Fly by many people.

here are two generations of the Parker Classic pen.

The first generation was a ballpoint pen and pencil, introduced in 1967, called the International Classic.

Differences between the pre refined and refined Parker Fly are explained here.

The Parker Fly is has quite complex electronics installed.

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y 1990 the Classic range was offered in: Gold Plated Milleraies ( a thousand lines in French) Gold Plated Grain d’Orange (barley grain) Gold Plated Perlé (straight lines with dots) Laque Thuya Matte black Flighter Sterling silver Cicelé (not offered as a fountain pen) y 1993 the Gold Plated Grain d’Orange and Gold Plated Perlé had been discontinued and the new Parker gold plating method, referred to as the Diamonite, an alloy of 50% gold and 50% titanium was offered on the trim of the Laquered Thuya, Sterling Silver, Flighter GT and Matte black models.

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