Dating a senior citizen

In your first few dates with a senior woman, find ways to share your own quirks, preferences and nonnegotiables. Adult children are often a consideration when dating in your senior years.You’re looking for someone who is compatible with you, not for someone who merely exhibits “potential” or who validates you. Get to know the women she is, not the life she once had. They may have strong opinions about their mother’s dating life.Choose a dating location that will make her feel safe.

So far, he's given out 200 kits, although many of the events he's heard about are one-offs, he said.

Speed-dating events for seniors are slowly cropping up across the country and, spoiler alert, they're a huge success."I think people forget that when you get older, and especially if you lose a spouse or partner, you're by yourself a lot," Kim Phillips, the senior citizens services manager at the Portage Senior Center in Portage, Michigan, told TODAY.

"Isolation can be a physical killer."Speed dating typically conjures images of big cities and millennials, but as Phillips is learning, it might also be a unique fit for senior citizens.

Self-doubt and nerves are a more significant factor than they were in her youth.

Anticipate this by putting her at ease as much as possible.

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