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I mean I'm dating him but his child is also a big part of his life.I want him to know I'm interested in all parts of his life but I don't want to get too heavy and serious when we are still in the fun getting to know each other stage. Show interest when he mentions the child, so that he knows it's cool to! Take it as it comes, going by your OP I'd say you'll be grand Yeah definity show a interest in his child as I found this off putting myself when seeing a girl a few years ago and ended up finishing it..Does it become your place to comment then or do you have to go along with their techniques because they happened to have a child first?What about if the child lives in your home and any children you have will be their brother/sister?Don’t assume that the parent knows best and has things figured out more than you either, so if you don’t feel comfortable meeting the child and have ANY reservations whatsoever, say so and deal with the consequences because time will usually prove you right with those reservations.

I've learned that it's okay to be 'selfish' and want a scenario where your own needs and wants are a matter of priority rather than an inconvenience.Some people can slot into that role and thrive, some people (like me) find the issues involved drives them insane, and you shouldn’t have to compromise your happiness to (again) try fit into a situation you didn’t create.I’ve dated and texted single mothers since realising that and told them in a nice way the situation wasn’t for me when it came up, and they’ll properly guilt trip you for it regularly.Out of sheer fear of not wanting to be hurt if things didn't work out, I couldn't emotionally commit to being whatever I needed to be for the child (and that flexibility is important because it'll vary case-to-case) and I think I'd feel like I was going insane if I started getting told 'the rules' I'm not allowed dispute in my own relationship. But the experiences have also taught me that I'll be an awesome father some day, so it's not all negative either.Again, some people can deal with all of this absolutely swimmingly.

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