Dating a younger guy advice

Younger men will give you a zest for life and learning.

The biggest difference I see between older and younger men is that younger men will not boss you around.

Older guys are usually in a hurry to get married and have kids, or they at least have the rest of their lives planned out in a nice little timeline (your life included).

If you’re a girl who has to be a part of the action, date a younger guy.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have George Clooney as your booty call (and I am not that lucky), the number one reason women date younger men is because they are sexy. Ladies, if you’re into buff and bronze – younger guys have it going on.

That’s right, I’d rather see a hot barely legal in a tight shirt (or no shirt) than some middle aged guy whose beers have caught up with him and the proof is in his belly. I’ve had my share of bad dates, but for the most part, the worst of them were older men. When I say I’m a writer, younger guys usually just nod and say “cool” and leave it at that as visions of Keruac dance through their head (and I don’t have the heart to correct them).

Not only will he brag to his friends that he got a woman, but he got an OLDER woman (which means you know a lot more about sex than his friend’s girlfriends).

I am one of those women who are certain that a minivan and two point five kids are not for her.Okay, I have this thing against whiny men in general. If I have more balls than you, we shouldn’t be dating. Older guys have usually been married before or had their hearts broken before and don’t hold any woman in enough esteem to put them on a pedestal.Younger guys, however, are still naïve to the world of women and you are the icing on his cake.

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If you have never dated a younger man, then you probably don’t understand why women would bother with the young and inexperienced.

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